Alexander Averbuck


38 South Main Street
Sumter, SC

FAMILIES: Averbuck

Alexander Averbuck (c.1880-1966) and his wife, Ida (died 1920), both immigrated to the United States from Russia in 1904. Around the time of their arrival to the United States, the pair married (it remains unclear whether they married before or after they immigrated). According to an article from 1910 detailing his naturalization as a citizen, Alexander went directly “to Sumter from Russia, stopping only one day in New York, en route, an upon his arrival here engaged in the clothing business.” Averbuck continued in the clothing business in Sumter until around 1923, three years after Ida’s death. He later moved to Augusta, Georgia, where he worked as a traveling salesman, and then moved to New Jersey.

Main Image: An advertisement for war bonds for sale at Averbuck’s store. Reprinted from The Item, October 15, 1918.

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