A. A. Solomons

A. A. Strauss & Co.

A.J. Moses

A.J. & P. Moses

Aaron Loryea

Aaron Pareira

Aaron Suares

Abraham Mazursky

Abram Brody’s Shoes

Ackerman Metals, Inc.

A. D. Harby

Addlestone Grocery

Agnes Moise Bogin

Alexander Averbuck


Altamont Moses

Atlantic Cotton Oil Company

B.J. Barnett, Inc.

Benjamin Komarow

Blessed Event Shop

Blum’s Ladies’ Ready-to-Wear

Booth-Harby Live Stock Company

Brody’s Department Store

Brody’s On Main

C.F. McFadden & Co.

Carlisle Strauss

Carolina Machinery Co.

Carolina Sales Company

Cecile Schwerin

Corner Cash Grocery

Drapery Contracting Corp.

Edward Solomons

E.W. Moise & Sons

Gordin Brothers

H. Harby

H. Schwerin

H. Siegel

Harby & Co.

Harby Brothers

Harry J. Ryttenberg

Harry Siegel, Inc.

Herbert Rosefield

Horace Harby

Isaac Strauss

J. Denemark

J. Ryttenberg & Sons

J. T. Solomons & Co.

Jack’s Department Store

Jacob Suares

Jenkins & Phelps

Julian Levy, Jr.

Julius Abraham Schwerin

Julius Morris

Julius Schwerin

Krasnoff’s Department Store

Krasnoff’s Kiddy Shop

L. Alpert’s

Levi Bros.

Levy & Moses

Leopold Strauss

Liberty Pawn Shop

Louis Lyon

Lucian Strauss

Marx Cohen

Mishkoff & Komarow

Moses Green

Moses Wholesale Grocery

N. Averbuck

Nathan Barnett


Per-Win Co., Inc.

Peter Dwight

Philadelphia Shoe Store

R. L. Butt

Ralph Loyns

Reliable Pawn Shop

Rose Hill Plantation

Roseknit Hosiery Company

Ryttenberg & Company

Samuel Weinberg

Schwartz Bros.

Schwartz Ready-to-Wear

Sol J. Ryttenberg

Sumter Automobile Supply Co.

Sumter Brick Yard

Sumter Cotton Oil and Fertilizer Company

Sumter Hosiery Mill, Inc.

Sumter Iron & Metal Co.

Sumter Roller Mills

The Battery

The Boston Store

The Capitol Department Store

The Economy Store

The Farmers’ Grocery

The Hub

The People’s Mercantile Co.

The Smart Shop

The Tavern

The Wreck Store

V. H. Phelps

Variety Liquor Store

Waverly Levy

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