H.H. Wittkowsky


Broad Street
Camden, SC

FAMILIES: Wittkowsky

Soon after completing “a thorough course of training at the North,” Hamilton H. Wittkowsky (1871-1893), son of Camden merchant Adolph Wittkowsky (1832-1904) and Susan Hyams Wittkowsky (1840-1920), opened a jewelry shop in Camden, SC in February 1893. Located in J.J. Watkins & Son grocery store on Broad Street, Witkowsky’s jewelry business dealt in watches, rings, silverware, and “all kinds of jewelry,” as well as in the repair and preparation of watches, clocks, and “jewelry of all description.”1 Sadly, only six months after he established his business Hamilton was shot and killed by John Croskey Man (1853-1903), a Quaker, over a personal feud. Mann was tried for murder and acquitted.2



1 H.H. Wittkowsky advertisement, The Camden Chronicle, February 24, 1893.

2 “An Inquest Held,” The Camden Chronicle, September 22, 1893 and Notice of Acquittal, The Watchman and Southron, February 14, 1894.

Main Image: H.H. Wittkowsky advertisement. Reprinted from The Camden Chronicle, February 24, 1893.

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