J.W. Pearlstine


Bamberg, SC

FAMILIES: Pearlstine

Jacob W. Pearlstine (1874-1961) was born in Charleston, South Carolina to Polish immigrant Samuel White Pearlstine (1847-1922) and South Carolina native Sallie Livingston Pearlstine (1852-1898). In 1901, he founded dry goods, clothing, and grocery business J.W. Pearlstine, with help from his brother, Hyman Pearlstine (1880-1957). In addition to Hyman, Jacob’s father, Samuel, likely helped run the business as Jacob continued to live with him and he had years of mercantile experience. Around 1908, Jacob expanded his business, opening a meat market at the rear of his store. Although J.W. Pearlstine was dissolved in 1911, Jacob continued to work as a merchant in nearby Olar, South Carolina until he retired around 1951.

Main Image: J.W. Pearlstine advertisement. Reprinted from The Bamberg Herald, October 22, 1908.


Above: J.W. Pearlstine advertisement. Reprinted from The Bamberg Herald, November 19, 1903.

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