Silverman’s Department Store


103-105 East Main Street
Kingstree, SC

FAMILIES: Silverman; Goldstein

In 1904, Sadie Goldstein (1883-1968), a New Jersey native and the daughter of Eastern European immigrants, married Jacob S. Eron (1874-1907) in North Carolina. The newlyweds moved to Kingstree, South Carolina later that year, and opened dry goods store J. S. Eron & Co. on East Main Street. After Jacob Eron’s untimely death, Mrs. Eron continued to run the store.

In 1910, Mrs. Eron married David Silverman (1879-1936) of Atlanta, Georgia. Born in Kamentz, Russia (present-day Kamyanyets, Belarus) Silverman immigrated to the United States as a child and became a renowned violinist, performing across the South and at the White House. In 1914, the Silvermans renovated the building formerly occupied by J. S. Eron & Co. and renamed it Silverman’s Department Store. From the department store the couple sold dry goods and clothes. After David Silverman’s death in 1936, Mrs. Silverman’s brother, Isadore Goldstein (1909-1991) took over the store. Around 1980, Isadore Goldstein sold the store to Ralph Holt Sr (died 1997). The store burned in 1981.

Main Image: Silverman’s Department Store, circa 1960.


Above Image: Reprinted from The County Record, March 26, 1914.


Above Image: Reprinted from The County Record, October 27, 1921.

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