Baker’s Repair Shop


1304 ½ Assembly Street
Columbia, SC

FAMILIES: Baker, Becker, Grossman

Main Image: Louis and Dora Grossman Baker, circa 1920. Image courtesy Laurie Walden

Louis Baker (1882-1946) immigrated from Russia in 1884 with his father, Hyman Becker. The family settled in Mount Pleasant. Louis and his second wife, Dora Grossman (1893-1967), moved to Columbia by 1919 where Louis co-managed Berry & Baker, which sold second-hand clothing and shoes. He opened Baker’s Repair Shop, which sold and repaired shoes, at 1304 ½ Assembly in 1928. After briefly moving to 1105 ½ Washington Street from 1936 until 1937, the store closed. Louis repaired shoes at Berry’s Shoe Store from 1939 until 1940, and then briefly reopened his own store in 1945 at 1239 Assembly Street under the name Louis D. Baker, shoe repair. The store closed following his death in 1946.

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