Carolina Mercantile Company


136 West Main Street
Spartanburg, SC 29306

FAMILIES: Meyerson; Schwartz

Russian immigrant Julius Schwartz (b. 1888) and New York native Abraham “Abe” Meyerson (b. 1895) opened Carolina Mercantile Company, a men’s clothing store, about 1916. Both arrived in Spartanburg about 1911, where Meyerson joined his brother, Louis Alexander Meyerson (1893-1980), who was clerking at A. Goldberg, their brother-in-law’s, Abraham “Abe” Goldberg (b. 1877), store. Golberg had married their sister, Esther Meyerson Goldberg (1881-1969) and moved to Spartanburg about 1903. Schwartz briefly worked at American Supply Company in 1911. The store closed by 1924 after Schwartz left Spartanburg. Meyerson later served as a manager at Goldberg’s. 

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