Club Ridge Creek


Seaside Road
St. Helena Island, SC


David Schein (1875-1950) immigrated from Lithuania to the United States in 1890. After he lived in New York for a few years, Schein settled in Beaufort in 1893. Around this time, Schein owned Club Ridge Creek on St. Helena Island. With the outbreak of the Spanish-American War in 1898, the United States military constructed Fort Fremont about a mile from Club Ridge Creek. The soldiers and locals did not get along well, and a small skirmish occurred that left several civilians and soldiers wounded, and one soldier dead. As Schein aligned himself with the locals, he did not have good relations with the soldiers who frequented his store. In 1900, Schein married Annie Taubenfelt (1880-1951), who immigrated to the United States from Austria. After their marriage, the couple lived together at Club Ridge Creek until they moved to 1002 Bay Street in Beaufort less than a year later.

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