Edward Solomons


Sumter, SC

FAMILIES: Solomons

Dr. Edward Solomons (1822-1895) became well-known in Sumter, South Carolina as a dentist, an occupation in which he was employed from around 1846 to shortly before his death. Per his obituary, Solomons worked as a merchant prior pursuing a career as a dentist.1 It remains unknown what goods he dealt in. Solomons’ son, Edward Alva Solomons (1865-1899), also worked as a dentist in Sumter.



1 “Death.” The Watchman and Southron, January 16, 1895.

Main Image: An advertisement for Solomons’ dentistry practice in Sumterville, South Carolina. Reprinted from The Sumter Banner, January 24, 1849. Incorporated as Sumterville in 1845, the city’s name was shortened to Sumter in 1855.

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