Fox Pawn Shop


1026 Broad Street
Camden, SC


Bernard “Bernie” Baum (1929-2011) opened Fox Pawn Shop at 1026 Broad Street in Camden around 1965. The son of farmer Bernard Harry Baum (1873-1947) and Minnie Tewel Baum (1898-1985), “Bernie” Baum joined the Navy after he completed school and served overseas during the Korean War. He returned to South Carolina in 1953 and married Ann Brisken (1935-2017) of Florence. After their marriage, he and Ann planned to move to California; they returned to Camden by the mid-1960s. After Baum closed Fox Pawn Shop in 1985, he and Ann moved to Myrtle Beach, where he went into the hospitality business. Per Barbara James, her father, Hyman Freed (1916-1994), and uncle, Gilbert Ross (1921-1997), financed Fox Pawn Shop through their investment business Fross, Inc.

Main Image: Bernard “Bernie” Baum (1929-2011). Photo from


Above: Fox Pawn Shop advertisement. Reprinted from The State, August 4, 1985.

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