Friedman’s Department Store


109 North Academy Street
Kingstree, SC

FAMILIES: Friedman; Dreizyk

Samuel “Sam” Friedman (1892-1961) immigrated to the United States from Grajewo, Poland in 1909. After he passed through Ellis Island, Friedman lived in New York for a short time before he moved to Charleston, South Carolina and opened a dry goods store on King Street. About five years after he married Polish immigrant Rebecca “Becky” Dreizyk (1894-1979) in 1919, Friedman moved his family to St. George, South Carolina, where he worked in Louis Lourie’s (1885-1948) store. Around 1925, the Friedman family moved once more, this time to Kingstree, South Carolina. There, Friedman opened Friedman’s Department Store, which he operated with Mrs. Friedman until they sold the building to Sylvia Pearson Dubin (1921-2008) and Sidney Dubin (1919-2008) in 1947.

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