Julius Blumberg


Dillon, SC

FAMILIES: Blumberg; Blum

Julius Blumberg (1894-1953) immigrated to the United States from Latvia around 1913. He quickly settled in Dillion where he lived with prominent merchant Isadore Blum (1882-1959) and his family for a time. Julius worked in the dry goods industry for years before joining Isadore as co-owner of Blum & Blumberg in 1920. No advertisements for Blum & Blumberg are currently known to exist after 1921, suggesting Julius and Isadore may have gone their separate ways not long after the partnership was established. In 1924, Julius married Leah Witcover (1898-1977) and together the couple had one daughter, Rosa Rebecca (1938-1958), that lived past infancy. Julius died in Charleston in 1958 after spending roughly forty years in the mercantile business.

Main Image: Obituary for Julius Blumberg. Reprinted from The Columbia Record, March 4, 1953.


Above Image: Blum & Blumberg announcement. Reprinted from The Dillion Herald, September 23, 1920.

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