David Fass


Dillon, SC


David Herman Fass (1881-1956) immigrated from Austria to the United States around 1890 and lived in New York with his sister, Rebecca Fass Rosenbaum (b. 1864), and her family until the early 1900s. After that, David joined his brothers Morris (1871-1935), Israel Isaac (1872-1918), and Max (1877-1935) in Dillon County but got caught up in a fraud case in 1908 and spent a year serving time in Atlanta. When he returned to the city of Dillon, he partnered with his brother Morris to manage The Leader. David married widow Kathryn “Kittie” Copeland Blum (1895-1922) in 1919 and the next year Morris announced the dissolution of the brothers’ shared business. As a result, David started his own store and in November 1921, David and Kittie welcomed a daughter, Anita (1921-1988). Tragedy struck the following spring when a fire destroyed David’s store in February and Kittie passed away in March. Despite these losses, David continued to work in the dry goods industry before managing a furniture shop in the 1940s.

Main Image: Newspaper clipping regarding a sale at David Fass’s store. Reprinted from The Dillon Herald, October 21, 1920.

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