Krasnoff’s Kiddy Shop


3 South Main Street
Sumter, SC

FAMILIES: Krasnoff

In 1924, Sumter merchant Solomon L. Krasnoff (1874-1936) opened children’s store Krasnoff’s Kiddy Shop at 3 South Main Street in downtown Sumter. To manage the store, Krasnoff hired gentile Ella Pauline Wilson (1884-1970) of Columbia. An “expert in her line,” Ella “conducted juvenile stores in some of the largest cities” and was “induced by Mr. Krasnoff to come to Sumter after long negotiations.”1 Stocked with clothing, accessories, furniture, and toys purchased by Ella in New York, Krasnoff’s Kiddy Shop was promoted as “the only real exclusive children’s store in the state.”2 Krasnoff’s Kiddy Shop closed in 1926.




1 “Juvenile Department at Krasnoff’s Store,” The Item, February 11, 1924.

2 Krasnoff’s Kiddy Shop advertisement, The Watchman and Southron, January 14, 1925. 

Main Image: Krasnoff’s Kiddy Shop advertisement. Reprinted from The Watchman and Southron, January 14, 1925.

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