Mollie Dolk Lurey


Greenville, SC

FAMILIES: Lurey; Dolk

In 1904, Mollie Dolk (1885-1983), immigrated from Austria to the United States. After she arrived in New York, Dolk moved to Rhode Island, where her sister resided. In 1907, she married Morris Lurey (1884-1963), who immigrated to the United States from Bialystok, Russia (present-day Bialystok, Poland) in 1903. In 1907, the couple moved to Spartanburg, South Carolina, where Morris’ brother, Jake Lurey (1880-1946), opened a shoe store. Around 1910, they moved again, this time to Greenville, South Carolina. There, Morris operated New York Shoe Store at 116 East Washington Street, while Mollie ran a small grocery store until about 1915.

Main Image: Mollie Dolk Lurey. Courtesy Special Collections, College of Charleston Libraries

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