Morris Lurey


Woodruff, SC

FAMILIES: Lurey; Dolk

In 1903, Morris Lurey (1884-1963) immigrated from Bialystok, Russia (present-day Bialystok, Poland) to Rhode Island, where his brother, Jake Lurey (1880-1946), and father, Zelick Lurey (1856-1931), already resided. In 1905, Morris’ mother, Mashe Lea Lurey (1856-1932), and siblings, Annie Lurie Rosenthal (1883-1962), Samuel Lurey (1889-1960), and Hymen Lurey (1890-1965), joined him, his father, and his brother in Rhode Island. In 1907, Morris married Mollie Dolk (1885-1983), who immigrated from Austria in 1904. Around 1909, the Lureys moved to Spartanburg, South Carolina, where Jake’s wife, Annie Hecklin Lurey (1880-1951), had family. In Spartanburg, Morris worked in a shoe store owned by Jake. After the store closed in 1910, the Lureys moved to Greenville, South Carolina. There, Morris operated the New York Shoe Store at 116 East Washington Street from 1912 until it went bankrupt in 1923. In 1926, he opened a dry goods store in Woodruff.

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