Mr. Shirt, Incorporated


North Pleasantburg Drive
Greenville, SC


After the closure of New York Shoe Store around 1965, Meyer Lurey (1915-1996), owner and operator of that business, retired for about a year before he opened clothier Mr. Shirt, Incorporated in Greenville’s Lake Forest Shopping Center around 1967. Initially intended to be a temporary business to sell down an inventory of shirts, the success of the Mr. Shirt led to its continued operation until around 1983. According to Meyer Lurey’s daughter, Suzanne Lurey, Mr. Shirt was not a business that was conducted out of necessity–Meyer was already wealthy by the time he opened Mr. Shirt. Mr. Shirt sold merchandise at very low prices, something that was much appreciated by members of the Greenville community. Employees at Mr. Shirt included Meyer’s sister, Semmie Lurey Paul (1910-1997), and merchant Daniel Marks (1919-1999).

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