The Fair


Main Street
Honea Path, SC

FAMILIES: Drucker; Kaplan

On January 17, 1911, the Brandenburg set sail for New York from Bremen, Germany. Aboard that ship was Hyman Drucker (1892-1947), a Jew from Kartuz Beresa, Poland (present day Byaroza, Belarus). After he passed through immigration on Ellis Island, Drucker migrated south, and ended up in McCormick, South Carolina. There, he opened clothier and dry goods store H. Drucker. With the help of his wife, Clara Kaplan (1892-1965), Drucker ran the store until his death in 1947. A two-story building, the first floor of H. Drucker served as a showroom, while the second floor served as living quarters. In addition to H. Drucker, Drucker also owned clothing store The Fair in Honea Path, South Carolina. Drucker’s relative, Martin Edward “Morris” Drucker (born 1913), managed The Fair.

Main Image: Portrait of Hyman Drucker. Courtesy Larry Drucker.

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