Theodore Kohn

1868-c.1870; 1877-c.1890

Orangeburg, SC


Theodore Kohn (1840-1902) immigrated to the United States from Bavaria in 1850 with his parents, Philip David Kohn (1806-1876) and Dina Lichtenstein Kohn (1819-1868). That year, the Kohns settled in Orangeburg, where Mrs. Kohn’s brother, Deopold Louis (1816-1885) resided. By 1860, Theodore Kohn was living with his uncle and working in his general store, D. Louis. At the start of the Civil War, Kohn enlisted in the Confederacy’s Edisto Rifles and remained in service through the end of the war. After the war, he moved to Orangeburg, where he opened general store Ezekiel & Kohn with Emanuel Ezekiel (c.1830-1877) on the corner of Market and Russell Streets. After that store closed in 1868, Kohn sold farm products, tobacco, and pipes until he started mercantile business Theodore Kohn & Brother in 1870 with his brother, Henry (1850-1926). After Theodore Kohn & Brother closed in 1876, Kohn sold goods under his own name until around 1890.

Main Image: Reprinted from The Orangeburg News, June 13, 1868.


Above: Corporal Theodore Kohn, Edisto Rifles. Reprinted from A Sketch of the War Record of the Edisto Rifles, 1861-1865, William Valmore Izlar.

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