William Brick’s Department Store


Main Street
Dillion, SC


William Brick (1882-1959) was born in Latvia to Mr. and Mrs. Hersh “Harry” Brick and moved to the United States via New York around 1900. Shortly after that, he moved to Marlboro County where he boarded with the Weatherly family in McColl alongside his older brother, Samuel (1873-1943). After briefly working in a cotton mill, William moved to Dillon County and opened a dry goods store in Manning. Around 1906, he married Fannie Leah Rosenbaum (1885-1958), and the couple started a family shortly thereafter. In the 1910s, William and Fannie moved to the city of Dillon where William opened William Brick’s Department Store on Main Street. There, he sold clothing, shoes, and children’s toys. He went on to co-manage a movie theater called the Broadway before retiring from William Brick’s Department Store in 1951.

Main Image: Newspaper clipping announcing the sale of William Brick’s Department Store. Reprinted in The State, August 12, 1951.


Above Image: Christmas advertisement for William Brick’s Department Store. Reprinted in The Dillon Herald, December 18, 1919.

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