Brody’s Department Store

1917- Unknown

8-12 West Liberty Street
Sumter, SC

FAMILIES: Brody and Lampert

Founded in 1917 by Hyman Brody (1876-1946) at 8 West Liberty Street as a shoe store called H. Brody, the store later became Brody’s Department Store in the 1920s. Hyman, a shoemaker by trade, was born in Kletzk, Russia and immigrated in 1906. His wife, Bessie Lambert (1882-1967) immigrated in 1913. Together they had 10 children. By 1929 Brody’s expanded to include 10 and 12 West Liberty Street. In 1934, he opened an additional store, the Capitol Department Store, on North Main Street, although it later moved to South Main Street. In 1938, the business was reorganized and incorporated as Brody Brothers Dry Goods Company with Hyman’s sons, Leo, Abram, Jake, and Reuben Brody as officers. Hyman Brody soon retired due to health issues.

Above Image: From left to right: Abram Brody, Sara Brody, Abe Greenberg, Ruth Brody Greenberg, Leo Brody Charlotte Brody, Sam Brody,Morris Brody, bride Jacqueline (Jackie) Brody, groom Alex Brody, William Brody, Eleanor Brody, Jake Brody, JS Sammy Brody, Ethel Brody, Reuben Brody.Image courtesy Sumter County Museum

Above Image: Advertisement for Brody’s Department Store. Reprinted from the Sumter Daily Item, February 25, 1965.


Main Image: Brody’s Department Store, 1969. Image courtesy Sumter County Museum

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