Reuben Goldman

c. 1955-1961

Dillon, SC


Reuben Morris Goldman (1919-1961) was born in Charleston to Polish immigrants, Mendel (b. 1885) and Rosa Rozaisky Goldman (b. 1888). After Reuben’s father died in the 1920s, Reuben’s oldest brother, Max (b. 1910), began working as a grocer to support his mother and four younger siblings. In the 1930s, Rosa began to operate her own grocery store and employed Reuben to work there seventy-hours a week as a clerk. Reuben went on to enlisted in the United States Navy Reserve in August 1942 and later married Dillon native, Hilda Carliner (1925-2012). In the 1950s, Reuben and Hilda left the Charleston area and moved to Dillon where Reuben opened a used furniture store. He died unexpectedly in February 1961 at age forty-one.

Main Image: Obituary for Reuben Goldman (please note that the reference to World War I is a typo). Reprinted from the Florence Morning News, February 9, 1961

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