Sam Solomon Wholesale Jobbers


484 King Street
Charleston, SC 29403

FAMILIES: Solomon, Prystowsky

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Sam Solomon (1885-1954) immigrated from Russia in 1902. In 1909, he opened his first dry goods store at 526 King Street. Three years later he married Sophie Prystowsky (1893-1985). Sam’s business, which later became Sam Solomon Wholesale Jobbers, moved between several locations on King Street, including 482 King Street (1910s), 480 King Street (1920s-1930s), and finally 484 King Street (1940s). The entire family, including their five children, Naomi (1914-2003), Muriel (1916-2014), Aaron (1917-1991), Melvin (1919-2009), and Frances (1921-2008), all worked in the store and took turns staffing the register. In 1953, the store moved to a “modern, custom-built, air-conditioned building at 338-340 East Bay Street” known as Sam Solomon Company, transitioning from a wholesale to retail discount business with a catalog showroom. Sam died just a few months later.

Main image: Sam Solomon family, circa 1924. From left to right: Sam, Aaron, Frances, Naomi, Melvin, Muriel, and Sophie. Image courtesy of Special Collections, College of Charleston

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