Seymour’s Department Store


120 Central Avenue
Summervile, SC

FAMILIES: Levy, Lynch, and Wolper

Seymour Lynch (1919 – 1990), the son of Polish immigrants, Samuel Lynch (1891-1946) and Pauline Wolper Lynch (1898-1950), inherited Summerville Bargain Store after his father’s death in 1946. He married Marjorie Levy in 1959, and together they expanded the business by opening Seymour’s Department Store in 1964. That store sold women’s and men’s ready-to-wear clothing and gift items. Majorie closed the store in 1997. 


Main Image: Seymour Lynch, 1950s, enjoyed sitting in the sun outside his liquor store at 120 Central Avenue, Summerville, SC, while waiting for customers. He was in the habit of stacking boxes on the sidewalk to show he was open for business. Image courtesy of the Lynch family 

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